Where yo be??!

Hello everyone!!

Oh my gosh, it feels like ages since I last blogged! I’ve just been so busy at the moment (work, moving house, you know the drill) and I haven’t been well (more on that another day) and so I feel time really has run away with me!

I’ve found myself with a spare five minutes, and so I thought I’d come and have a look at how my blog was going! A few of you seemed to like my ‘Bank Holiday Book Binge’ recommendations, and I’ve been wondering how you’ve been getting on with them? Please do leave your reviews in the comments (and again, recommendations are ALWAYS welcomed!)

When I started this blog last month, I didn’t really have a particular aim or focus in mind. However, I’ve done a lot of thinking recently (you tend to have a lot of time to do that when you’re ill!) and I’ve decided on two ‘directions’ in which I wish to go:

1. A monthly book recommendation post, and an ongoing story (I’m thinking I’ll post a new chapter every two weeks!)

2. An update on how my art is going, e.g latest projects (I’m particularly interested in fashion design at the moment) and perhaps a couple how to tutorials!

Let me know what you think, and feel free to give me a few ideas or some criticism (constructive criticism is always welcomed, the key word being constructive!!)

Anyway, my time is now up, and so I must get back to working and running errands!
Have a lovely weekend,

Love, Charlotte Xx